Kurupts Moonrock

Moon rock weed is another potent substance we offer you on our website. If this is your first visit, you’ve come to the right place; we can assure you that it’s just right. Purchase Moon Rock Bath Salts from us and you will be able to take advantage of a variety of other opportunities with substantial discounts. People frequently inquire about whether we have moon rock bath salt for sale because it is one of our most popular items.

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The power of moon rock batch salt Because the product is in high demand, many people will always flock to it; if it is out of stock, simply accept that you will have to wait another time. We also provide discrete packaging and ensure that it is well secured with no traces. We’re here because you’re here, so always ask questions about what you don’t know.

All of our products are of high quality, and we deliver quickly. If you have previously purchased this product from us, please leave your feedback for other customers below. We guarantee 100% safe delivery and good security for our customers; please contact us if you have any problems.

When did Moonrocks weed come out?

Moon rocks seem to have originated within the 1990s rap scene. Allegedly, moon rocks were devised, popularized, and then merchandised by Death Row rappers Dr. Zodiak and Kurupt, previously of Tha Dogg Pound.

Are moon rocks harsh?

For newer cannabis users, smoking moon rocks is often described as harsh. It is critical to begin slowly, as with any medical marijuana product. Because moon rock leaves a greasy residue, we recommend using a glass bowl or pipe. It is not recommended to roll a joint because it will be difficult to keep lit.


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