Can You Use Cannabis for Nightmares?

To date, the study of sleep is intriguing. Sleep and all related processes have been studied extensively by researchers, measuring eye activity and movements during sleep, with the aim of explaining the importance of sleep, how much we need it, and how we can improve our health by ensuring that the quantity and quality of […]

Top 8 Highest THC Strains Resins

highest thc strains. Each marijuana strain varies when it comes to taste, effects, and levels of cannabinoids. Some users prefer milder strains that make you high without being overwhelming. However, when you want a hard-hitting strain, you’ll want a strain with the highest THC resins. Resin refers to the sticky substance that grows on the […]

The Comprehensive Guide on How to Buy Weed Online

You can literally buy everything online these days and marijuana is no exception. A Google search will bring up almost 30 million sites when you search “buy weed online ”, making it seem like everyone and their mother is out looking to make a buck online by selling their stash. Go to any forum and […]

What Does Research Say About Cannabis for PTSD?

Cannabis for PTSD According to Research Research has shown that the endocannabinoid system, or the mechanism by which cannabinoids interact with body processes, plays a key role in regulating responses to anxiety, anxiety, and stress. There are many other studies that explain the therapeutic value of cannabis as a treatment for PTSD. In fact, most […]

Tolerance Break Tips

What is a Tolerance Break? A tolerance break is a completely famous and essential exercise amongst everyday hashish customers that consists of taking a spoil from hashish for a predetermined quantity of time. A tolerance spoil can variety from some days to 3 months, however the concept is all of the identical: to decrease your tolerance to […]

How to cook with CBD oil

CBD Oil, Your Favourite New Ingredient CBD oil has made its way into the mainstream, and everyones looking for new ways to take it. While taking a few drops under the tongue orally is the most common method, people are also fond of dabbing, vaping, creams and also cooking with CBD! Cooking with CBD can […]


PTSD is an anxiety disorder that is often associated with veterans due to combat and military trauma. Although most people make this association, anyone with a traumatic life experience can develop PTSD. Some of the most experienced symptoms of PTSD are anxiety, depression, flashback, hyperarousal, insomnia, stress and avoidance. In 2018, raw flower was added […]


talking about best marijuana strains for sex , baby, let’s talk about you and me—or, in our case, let’s talk about you and weed, in the words of the illustrious Salt-N-Pepa. It’s no secret that cannabis can elevate your sex life, and we’re far from the first generation to recognize this intimate link. In fact, […]